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When traveling by taxi to Schiphol, there are several important details you might want to know:

Fare and Payment

It’s crucial to understand the fare structure and payment options. Taxis in the Netherlands typically charge a combination of fixed fees and per-kilometer rates. Ask the driver about the approximate fare before starting the journey. Taxis generally accept cash and major credit cards. Howver it’s wise to check if your preferred payment method is accepted.


Consider pre-booking a taxi in advance, especially during peak travel times or if you have specific requirements. Many taxi companies offer online or phone booking services, ensuring a hassle-free experience and a confirmed vehicle when you need it.

Licensed Taxis

To ensure safety and reliable service, look for licensed taxis. Licensed taxis in the Netherlands have blue license plates with white lettering, a taxi sign on the roof, and a meter inside the vehicle. Unlicensed or illegal taxis might not adhere to the necessary standards.

Luggage Capacity

If you have substantial luggage or oversized items, verify with the taxi company that they can accommodate your needs. Some taxis have limited trunk space, and it’s best to communicate your requirements in advance.

Travel Time

The duration of the journey from your location to Schiphol Airport can vary depending on traffic conditions, the time of day, and the distance. Consider checking real-time traffic updates or discussing an estimated travel time with the taxi driver, especially if you have a scheduled flight.

Tolls and Additional Charges

In the Netherlands, there are no toll roads on the way to Schiphol Airport. However, the taxi fare might include additional charges such as airport surcharges, late-night fees, or extra charges for certain services. Confirm the complete fare breakdown to avoid any surprises.

Airport Drop-off/Pick-up Locations

Schiphol Airport has designated drop-off and pick-up areas, which are subject to specific regulations. Familiarize yourself with these areas to ensure a smooth transition to and from the airport. Taxis are not permitted to park in front of the terminals for an extended period, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Accessibility Requirements

If you have any accessibility requirements, such as a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, inform the taxi company while booking. Licensed taxis should be able to cater to such needs, but advance notice ensures appropriate arrangements are made.

Additional Services

Some taxi companies offer additional services, such as child seats or Wi-Fi access. If you require any of these amenities, inquire about their availability during the booking process.

Local Knowledge

While taxi drivers generally have good knowledge of the area, it’s a good idea to have some basic information about your destination. If you have any specific preferences, such as a preferred route or landmarks along the way, communicate them with the driver.

Remember, it’s always a good practice to plan ahead, communicate your needs clearly, and ensure your safety and comfort when traveling by taxi to Schiphol Airport.

How does a Schiphol taxi works?

A Schiphol taxi, also known as an Amsterdam Airport taxi or Schiphol Airport taxi, refers to a taxi service operating at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands.

Here’s how a typical Schiphol taxi service works:

  1. Arrival: Upon arriving at Schiphol Airport, passengers can find taxi ranks conveniently located outside the arrivals hall. Follow the signs or ask airport staff for directions if needed.
  2. Queueing: Join the designated taxi queue at the taxi rank. Taxis are usually lined up in an organized manner, and passengers are expected to wait their turn.
  3. Dispatching: As you reach the front of the queue, a taxi dispatcher or an automated system will assign the next available taxi to you. They ensure that taxis are assigned fairly and efficiently.
  4. Taxi selection: Once a taxi is assigned, you will receive a taxi number or be directed to a specific taxi waiting nearby. The taxi number is used for identification purposes.
  5. Boarding: Approach the assigned taxi and inform the driver of your destination. The driver will assist you in storing your luggage in the trunk or designated storage area.
  6. Journey: The taxi driver will drive you to your requested destination using the most appropriate route. The duration of the journey will depend on factors such as traffic conditions and the distance to your destination.
  7. Payment: At the end of the journey, the driver will provide you with the fare amount. Taxis at Schiphol Airport typically operate on a metered system, which calculates the fare based on distance and time traveled. Some taxis may also accept credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand.
  8. Receipt: Upon payment, the driver will provide you with a printed or electronic receipt, which you can use for reimbursement or expense tracking purposes if needed.

Variety of taxi services

It’s worth noting that Schiphol Airport offers a variety of taxi services, including regular taxis, luxury taxis, and shared taxis. The availability of different types of taxis may vary, and their fares may differ as well. It’s advisable to clarify the type of taxi and the associated fare before boarding to avoid any confusion. Additionally, you can also pre-book a taxi service in advance, which allows you to arrange for a taxi to pick you up at a specific time and location. This option is particularly useful for travelers who want to ensure a smooth and convenient departure from the airport.

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